Use of computer

Use of computer


A computer a device that allows us to do a variety of things very quickly and we can expect a lot of good. From it because in today’s digital world we are familiar with a variety of technologies, one of the technologies of the computer through which we word very fast in a very fast time.

The best aspect of the computer

The invention of the computer has made our lives easier. Where previously it took a month to complete a task, the computer was able to complete the ask in just one day, which is why it is considered to be very useful for us.

Computer moving from unique to improvement abroad because now I can do more work at a very low cost if I can do it now with a computer instead of doing it for a lot of money. By this science has spread further and we have been able to recognize many unknown facts very easily.

Computer in daily life

Every human being in the world uses computer for some work. We use computers from morning till night. Among them, we use computers in offices, course, banks and other types of factories. If we keep a place with technology, if we notice that you go to the market yourself, go to different super shops, pay the vills through the computer, there is very little chance of making a mistake, and we see customers and various facilities.

All our lives through these technological improvements have been made and we have always received a variety of services. That is why we say that the computer is the only pool in the developed world.

The benefits of computers

Computers have increased the range of benefits in each case, such as thinking about the universe. Below are some of the advantages of the computer:

  1. In research work: If you search for any computer, you will find that it allows you to collect various data and can easily solve I. Scientists use computers for research.
  2. The benefits of the internet: Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of computer A big part of the disadvantage is the internet. The internet is a valuable strategy in the modern era. Able to communicate anywhere in the world through this technology.
  3. Multimedia: Another advantage of the computer is a multimedia device. We can use different types of applications such as listening to music, playing games watching videos.
  4. Information storage: You can store a lot of information on the computer. Different companies sore different information in there marketing there.

Difficulties in using computer

There are some difficulties in using the computer, which is discussed in details below:

  1. Loss of health: Prolonged use of computer gas a negative effect on the upper part of the eye. Moreover, Garo can have various brain problems. This is why it is very important for users to rest every 30 minutes.
  2. Energy is also a waste of time: Many people waste a lot of time playing games and chatting and using computers which is very harmful to the country and the nation and it has a terrible effect on the health of the individual.
  3. Crime: there are many people who use computers to do various hacking activities and in most of the hem we notice that various organizations are sealing various types of information through computers.
  4. expensive: Computers are expensive products that not every organization can afford.

Computer in-state development

Computers are one of the aspects behind the development of every road for a while because if we look at the developed countries all over the world. We will find evidence of I. Almos every developed count in the world uses computers for various purposes.

we use computers to communicate and communicate with a number of states in a friendly manner and to communicate information through them. If we notice that if we have any kind of developmental activities within ourselves, then we have taken I forward by making it in creates information in the form of a draft for action.

A city of successful word completes fall the word on a plane that plans computers. However, its training requires a variety of training, which is rarely seen in underdeveloped countries.

Build the life of the Computer

Computers are now a modern arena in the world. Almost everyone knows about computers and the can be skin in the hands of the children of every affluent family. These are the people ago who are advancing ore country through various means.









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