Traffic Jam In Bangladesh

Traffic Jam In Bangladesh

Background of Bangladesh
 Traffic jam is a common affair in the big cities and towns of Bangladesh. This problem is the result of Rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicles. Most often this problem occurs in the congested areas where the roads are very narrow. In proportion to our population roads have not willing to obey the traffic rules. The overtaking tendency also cause a traffic jam. The number of traffic police is insufficient. Most often traffic jam occurs at office time and also at the time when the offices break up. It kills our valuable time and our works are hampered.

Cause of traffic jam

The traffic jam in Bangladesh is the result of different factors. These factors are described below.

1. Large Population:

Bangladesh is a densely populated country, As Time goes, the number of people is increasing day by day. Not only this, but people from different parts of the country also come here every now and then for various purposes, like a business, official, medical, tourism a lot of people ply on the road and it causes traffic congestion in the roads of Dhaka city.

2. No respect for the traffic laws:

There are some traffic laws in Bangladesh. But it seems that those are only laws without any use. More particularly, the punishment for violation of traffic laws is not effective. As a result, some people do not pay respect to the traffic laws and do whatever they like. Besides the drivers are not aware enough about the traffic rules and regulations. So lack of respect of the public to the public to the traffic laws and their ignorance about it contributes to the traffic congestion in the Dhaka city.

3. Illiterate drivers:

Most of the drivers of Bangladesh are illiterate. So they cannot learn the traffic rules and cannot read the traffic signs on the road. They want to drive at their sweet will. Not only this, their overtaking tendency, competitive speed, and risky driving also cause traffic congestion in the Dhaka city.

4. Problems with traffic laws and management:

The traffic laws available in our country are not enough for efficient traffic management. Moreover, the police forces, engaged in the traffic management of the city, are not efficient and sincere in performing their duties. They do not have the attention to control the jam. But they are busy collecting bribe from the drivers. This is also a great cause of Traffic congestion in Dhaka city.


Unplanned and narrow roads
Unplanned and narrow roads

5. Unplanned and narrow roads:

Most of the roads of The Dhaka city are unplanned.sometime it happens that the roads are narrow and the vehicles that have entered into these roads are large. These cause heavy blocks in about half kilometer or more.

6. The abundance of rickshaws:

The Dhaka city presently has been swept by five lakh rickshaws. Rickshaws carry only one or two passengers but occupies a much larger road space in comparison to a bus per one or two passengers but been swept by five occupies a much larger road space in comparison to a bus per passengers. As it is driven by man, it is slow and it cannot be directed quickly towards its destination. Plying on the same road with the Motor Vehicles it reduces the speech of The overall traffic.

Its Impact

Traffic jam has reached beyond the tolerance level causing great suffering to the dwellers of The city corporation are.  School going children experience the bitterness of traffic jams most.

The worst victims are the patients carried in the ambulances to hospitals and clinics. ‌A good, fast, and sate communication and transport system is a must for balanced and overall socio-economic and commercial activists to reduce transport cost of goods and contribute to improved living standards.The Govt.of Bangladesh must concentrate on the development of a modern and fast communication and transport system one-way movements a y and vehicle should be introduced. After doing all these things we can hope to have a good traffic system for our easy.

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