The Sights of Bangkok in Thailand

The Sights of Bangkok in Thailand

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We are discussing here Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Asia to visit in recent years. Of course, this also coincided with the growing popularity of Thai cuisine around the world. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the main entry point where the vast majority of tourists in Thailand will use it.

Yet this is what Thailand does. The traditional is mixed with the modern. In fact, it is the traditional attractions that make Thailand so magical. The temples are sites that you simply cannot see in the western world. They are like objects that came out of an Asian fairy tale.

Objects that came out of an Asian fairy tale

In fact, the air can be bad enough for residents to wear surgical masks on the streets. Also, keep in mind that there will be people on the streets who will try to hustle tourists and direct them to their own businesses and tours. But unlike places in the Caribbean, Thai people are polite and non-aggressive. For example, once you arrive at the international airport, there will be people in the terminal, including those in the cabins, who will offer taxi transportation to your hotel. Although these are legitimate, they will charge a premium over taxis waiting outside the terminal. The situation is similar to hotels. Taxis waiting right outside the main hotel entrances seem to cite more than those waiting in the side streets a little lower. Three-wheeled “ tuk-tuk ” vehicles also vary a lot, so it may be wise to ask quotes from a few drivers rather than taking the first one you see.

The Sights of Bangkok in Thailand

A good way to spend some time is to take a ride on one of these river taxis to explore the canals that some people call the “Venice of the East”.

The royal chapel which contains the Emerald Buddha is the private chapel of the monarch. The Buddha himself is actually a one-piece jade seated on top of a golden altar. He is not a big Buddha but he is very special.  The buildings and monuments of the Grand Palace have very striking colors, notably golds and greens. The golden color is used a lot and the Thai roofs curved distinctly on the buildings are very detailed. Equally amazing are some of the interiors of these buildings with their magnificent halls and halls used for different ceremonies and events. Some of these rooms have special royal altars.

A good way to spend some time

It presents a giant Buddha lying on its side. Even the soles of this Buddha’s feet have very detailed patterns. Other beautiful temples to see are Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple). Wat Pho Temple offers traditional Thai massage services, much appreciated by tourists. Other temples like Wat Mahathat and Wat Parinayok also offer Thai massages. The details put in the decoration of these boats are simply remarkable.

For wildlife lovers, there is the Institut Pasteur Snake Farm where poisonous snakes are fed daily and visitors can watch the masters milking cobras for their venom. There is also the largest farm.

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