The Role and Status of Women in our society

The Role and Status of Women in our society

Background of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small developing country in South -East Asia. More than 16 crore people live here. About fifty percent of The total population of our country are women. So there is no denying that our women play a significant role in the development of our country. They are no longer inferior to and less intelligent than men. The Role and Status of Women in our society.

The role of women is important in the concept of both global and National development of women which including the feminine rights and state recognition of women by marking them self -reliant and decision-maker in all-inclusive aspects.

Women’s’ position in the past

In the past women were segregated from out of home productive work. Health becomes the place for them. So cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth, and rearing children to become their jobs. In Bangladesh, the position of the woman is very humiliating. Women are the worst sufferers.

The necessity of women ‘s empowerment

Women are nowadays as important as men in society. They constitute nearly half of our total population. They have a noble mission to fulfill as men. If they get the opportunity, their genius and capacities will bloom fully, No nation can make the real progress keeping a full half of its population in the dark. So the woman ‘s empowerment is essential.

Role Of NGO In Women ‘s Empowerment

There is a progressive action program for the empowerment of women in The NGO sector.ADAB, a tap level NGO has five women in the executive committee. Many voluntary organizations are working for creating consciousness, income-generating sources, and investment-oriented schemes so that women can strive for Self-employment.

Obstacles to women ‘s empowerment

There are a lot of hindrances to women’s empowerment and women’s development. Women are compelled to work at low wages in the agriculture of other non-recognized sectors. Thinking and planning for women empowerment is not less both at government and non-government levels but the materialization of thinking and planning is still in question.

Steps for the empowerment of women

Preconditions for the empowerment of women are(i)to change their status and financial condition;(ii)to make them participate in decision -making and controlling affairs. The Role and Status of Women in our society.

Women ‘s participation in various kinds of jobs

In administrative function, there is little women ‘s participation which clearly shows the women’s frustrating job situation for the women in Bangladesh. Due to the importance and growth of the ready-made garments sector, the participation of women has increased.

The participation of women in this sector is 10%. Only in service sector.,the job share of women is more than their male Colleges. The participation of women in this sector is 5.4% whereas the male-only comprises 2.4%. After careful observation, it appears that out of 46.8% self-employment citizens, women make up only 8.3%. The situation, however in urban Bangladesh, is a little better; in the Urban area, nearly 15.4% of the 36.7% self-employment people are women In rural areas, it is only 7.4%.

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