The Cartoon Teacher

The Cartoon Teacher

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We are discussing here I ran an English school for my first 10 years here in Thailand and employed people that were just traveling through and wanted some temporary work. There are many stories I could tell about them, but the teacher that basically stands proud in my mind was an American called John. Cartoon Teacher.

The house was during a compound of 4 houses, and ours was at the rear . to urge thereto, you had to drive down the driveway of the house ahead and thru a white picket wooden gate. lately, there’s an enormous hotel sitting on the location, but some time past it had been a really pleasant place to measure and to try to business. My wife and that I lived upstairs and therefore the school was downstairs.

upstairs and therefore the school was downstairs

John arrived at some point and applied for employment. Now, John was a friendly, easygoing guy. He claimed to be the younger brother of a comparatively famous movie actress. At that point, she had starred during a movie with Madonna, so I knew who she was. I wasn’t sure I believed him, but if he wanted to say she was his sister that was fine with me.

After he started work he would happen late sometimes. At other times he appeared to be a touch bit, we could say, confused. He agreed and zip more was said.

About three months after he joined us I started getting complaints again.

 He grinned which was that. He made the trouble and that I heard nothing more for a short time

“Nothing, Marc. I’m just a touch tired lately because my new girlfriend is keeping me up late most nights. don’t be concerned, I’m not smoking anything here.”

Then at some point, one among the teachers came and told me that he had gone to the toilet. He saw John doping up something employing a needle.

I called him in and told him what I had acknowledged, and reminded him what I had told him before. He was fired. His reaction surprised me. He tried to deny that he was taking hard drugs within the school. But once I acknowledged that one among the opposite teachers had seen him, he blew up and began calling me names and banging on the table.

He stormed through the house and that I followed him bent confirm he didn’t hurt anyone. He stomped down the driveway and walked straight through the white picket gate, leaving a silhouette a bit like a cartoon character.

That was the last I saw of John for several years. Then at some point, I received a call.

“Hello Marc, does one remember me? I wont to work for you. It’s John.”

He gave me a couple of more clues. I had to think of a flash, on the other hand, I remembered.

John arrived looking a touch heavier and far fitter than the last time I remembered him. He looked to be in excellent health, in fact.

He sat down and that we ordered beers.  Finally, his sister stepped in and told him he had to urge straightened out. She purchased a occupy a flowery drug rehabilitation spa where he managed to kick the habit.

After that, he went through counseling. He told me that a part of his rehabilitation was to contact all the people he had hurt within the past and apologize and make amends. He had come all the thanks to Thailand again to seek out me and a couple of others. Naturally, I used to be very happy to listen to this.

Then at some point, one among the teachers came

What really surprised me was that he pulled out 500 baht and handed it over. “This is to compensate you for the 2 students I stole from you after you fired me.”

Now, this was news to me. I had no concept he had even taken any students from me, but if this was all a part of his rehabilitation who was I to deny him? I took the cash and ordered another round of beers from it.

We sat there for an additional hour and chatted about our lives since we had last seen one another. Since then, his brother has scored some big roles so he now features a famous brother and sister.

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