Melenos Lindos

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We are discussing here How long does it take to build and equip a not-so-large hotel? Unless there are unforeseen disasters, if you have an easily accessible lot if you do not expect too much in terms of architecture and design, and if you are ready to cut a few corners, you could possibly do so within one But what if you plan to build near the top of a protected village, just below one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, accessible only by steep and narrow alleys? And if you intend to strictly follow local and historic architecture, and if, in terms of design, only the most beautiful will do? Also, what if you are a perfectionist, and cutting corners is not your style?

Then it might take a little longer

Michalis Melenos can tell you how much longer can last. Owning land in his native Lindos, he toyed with the idea of building a small hotel for years. The small buildings she created are in perfect harmony with the village-style, a mixture of Byzantine and Ottoman influences. In particular, the main limestone building at the top of the property is indistinguishable from the original constructions of that time. Its immaculate condition is a gift, but you could easily be deceived into believing it to be historic.

Melenos Lindos

Forget a year – it took over 12 years to complete this project! (And this does not include the time spent on architectural design, nor the delays due to bureaucratic procedures involving all the necessary authorizations; not to mention the time spent “ dreaming about it ”, which was an equally important part of the process). Green, who spent five years at Lindos designing the gardens and interiors.

Staying in a place that offers such

Staying in a place that offers such a sequence of visual delights (including the incredible views) is a very special experience. In addition, the impeccable aesthetic is accompanied by impeccable service (friendly, attentive but not overbearing) and great comfort.

Where you will sleep: The 12 generously sized bedrooms offer a remarkable blend of local tradition and luxury. The style may seem heavy at first, but the general feeling is nevertheless that of freshness. There are no beds, but extremely comfortable mattresses are placed on raised sleeping platforms and made with the best sheets. Modern equipment (television, CD player, mini-bar.

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