It's Really THAT Simple!

It’s Really THAT Simple!

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We are discussing here many people involved within the House Church “movement” are growing weary of hearing people voice their concerns regarding an equivalent four aspects of House Church: Church Government, Women, Tithing, and youngsters. Yawn! It seems to me that anyone being led by the Holy Ghost will hear from Him and can then know what to try to to in any or all of those areas. It’s Really THAT Simple!

Our gross affluence has spoiled us rotten

The question we Imperialistic Americans must ask ourselves is this: “Will it play in Peoria?” In other words, will the items we believe the great old’ USA carry any water in Sudan or Vietnam?

They should.

When an East Indian woman starts 50 churches all by herself, American Christian minds go “TILT!”

Years ago, once I examine people behind the ideological barrier practicing “self baptism” so as to not endanger the lives of their beloved ministers, Americans wanted to ascertain Biblical examples.

“Man looks at the outside; God looks at the guts,” (1 Sam 16:7)

If you think that it’s far-fetched to think that God would tend to the requirements of a bunch of homeless wanderers, bear in mind that God has provided manna within the morning, water from rocks, sandals that will not wear out and birds to eat a minimum of one other occasion that I can consider . Besides, the choice is to elucidate to them that they’re sinners getting to Hell unless they accept Jesus into their sickly bodies in order that, while they’re starving to death over subsequent few days, they will a minimum of know where they go while they slowly suffer an agonizing death. consistent with the James Rutz book, “Megashift,” the King IS doing miracles in the Third World and in developing countries all the time.  Sicknesses are being healed and dead are being raised by poor, illiterate, relatively uncivilized, uncultured, dirty, impoverished people of all ages.

Anyone who’s examines Wesley’s Welsh revivals can see how God used the youngsters …and not an elder or pastor in view.

“Wait one blessed minute! Things are becoming answer of hand now!”

Folks, I hear and skim reports of those kinds of things happening all the time! Not in America, unfortunately.

It’s been my experience that two or more gathered in His Name is all it takes. We sang we prayed, we got emotional, we talked about our God. We WERE The Church and that we both knew it. It’s Really THAT Simple!

But all of those fuels yield low mileage. And once they dry out, the group collapses. At the bottom, if Christ isn’t the glue of a non-institutional church, its meetings will become shallow, colorless, and eventually unsustainable. The Psalmist once uttered, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms. 11:3).”

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