International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Background of Bangladesh

Every nation has some achievements that they can take pride in. our language day is our national event and achievement. But the matter of pride for us is that this National event has crossed our language movement and the heroic sacrifices of the language day are the recognition of our language movement and the martyrs by the international community. International Mother Language Day.

Language day

Historical background: February 21st is observed as the language day. This day is the culmination of a series of protests and events that took place Between 1948 and 1952.

Not only that they also denied the demand of the Bengalis for the recognition of Bangla as the state languages. The ruling authority imposed section 144 all over the country as the protect grew stronger. As a result, Rafid, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat, Shafiq met martyrdom.

They declared that UNESCO would observe the day internationally. Since 2000 the International Mother language Day is being observed all over the world.

Through UNESCO recognition

Through UNESCO recognition, our language day has got the International States. Significance of the recognition ‘The recognition of our language day the proclamation of the observance of The day internationally is very significant.

The proclamation also said that this recognition would help to preserve all the language of the world, and that diversity of languages is important to maintain cultural identity and distinction. Language is the most important tool of human communication and understanding, and it is the carrier of civilization. So all languages are important for maintaining civilization resources.

Important of the day

We have erected monuments(known as shahid Minar)in remembrance of them and on 21 February we offer flower wreaths and stand silent in honor them. However, the importance of International Mother language Day is very significant. The day is a symbol of unity and diversity.

It is the recognition of all rightful struggles in the world, the glorification of all sacrifices for just cause anywhere of the globe, people all over the world express their solidarity and support for the fundamental rights fo human being.

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