Information technology

Information technology


The current era of information technology. As a result of the evolution of civilization, information technology is now eating as an integral part of human life. The massive development of communication technology and integration with information technology has created human dependence on it. The use of technology today is everywhere from the surface of the earth or the deep sea to space.

The concept of information and data

We can compare data with raw materials. Just as raw materials have to be processed t make them useful, data has o be processed to make them useful. That is the raw materials used in processing to get precise results are called data. Each of our activities gives birth to data.

Information is the meaning of data in the context of any subject. Data is some chaos fact that made sense. And the information is the data that is arranged neatly on any data.

Information technology

The modern age is the age of information technology. Information technology in general is the technology of storing, processing, and applying information. This is called information technology or IT. Telecommunications, Satellite, Communications, Audio-Video, broadcast Database management software development network fascinated technology entertainment technology education training system database all can e caused information technology.

Communication technology

Data communication is the process of moving data from one place to another or a single or unmarried through a computer or any other device. So communication is a technology that allows reliable data exchange from one place to another. Technology and communication technology or communication technology associated with the data communication system.

The relationship of communication technology with information technology

The discovery of the internet is undoubtedly a milestone in the advancement of information and communication technology. Thanks to the internet, the issue is now available at home. With the advent of internet now ext book video chatting broadcast online streaming.

The evolution of information technology

The modern age is the age of information and communication technology. The long-term efforts of people to develop information technology are successful. Research has shown that people used to exchange shape-indicating information at the beginning of the marriage and later cut stones and carved stones.

In the sixties, new advances in telecommunication through a satellite communication system began.

The latest trend in information and communication technology so far is a digital technology which is based on binary methods.

Contribution of information and communication technology

The impact of information and communication technology on the evolution of modern civilization is immense. this is a significant contribution of information and communication technology.

  • Prevents wastage
  • The availability of information is easy
  • Most efficiency increases
  • Causes human resource development
  • Hard work is possible in a short time

Facilities available through the internet

  • A fax facility is available.
  •  Information can be changed via email from anywhere in the world right now via the internet.
  • A variety of software entertainment materials can be downloaded and collected from the internet.

The field and scope of the use of information and communication are increasing day by day. Currently communication, Employment, Education, Medical, Research and Accommodation, Business trade business entertainment, and social communication.

Use of technology

If we make good use of this modern technology then our daily life becomes more improved.

That is why we need to use this technology in good scores and once forward towards improvement.

  1. Misuse of social media
  2. cybercrime
  3. Data hacking of various organizations.
  4. Spreading rumors on Facebook
  5. Revealing various secret information

Development of information and communication

The advancement of information communication makes the vast treasure of all forms of knowledge,, inventions, methodologies, techniques, processes, and technologies from the entire globe available to us by accessing via the internet. It is hopeful for us hat technology has already made inroads into our society, indeed into our psyche. For as its economic backwardness, Bangladesh has easily taken to the IT world.

By missing ICT we can design a number of domestic services that will significantly enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • The application of ICT in the very process of governance may bring transparency o he gob’s operations.
  • By using ICT, we can develop a simple and effective tax collection system for NBR.
  • ICT may be used in our manufacturing sector. it may provide us with higher productivity and lower cost and effective international marketing In the garments, fruit, leather, frozen fish and packaged food sector.

Bangladesh ICT

The information technology sector in Bangladesh had its beginnings in nuclear research during the 1990s . Over the next few decades, computer use increased at large Bangladeshi organizations, mostly with IBM mainframe computers. However, the sector only started to get substantial attention during the 1990s. Today the sector is still in a nascent stage, though it is showing potential for advancement.

more advanced I equipment began to see u n different educational.

ICT industry

The ICT industry is a relatively new sector in the country’s ecology. Though it is yet to make tangible contributions in the national economy. it is an important growth industry. Sharing with only 17 member companies, by 2009 membership had grown o 326. in a study among Asian countries by japan international cooperation agency in 2007-08.

The world band . in a study conducted in 2008, project triple-digit growth for Bangladesh in I services and software exports.

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