Bartending with Style

Bartending with Style

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We are discussing here Unlike other careers in food service, bartending is one of the jobs where personal style matters most. The best bartenders I have known always have a personality and some even have a little attitude. Always remember that the purpose of your work is recreation.

The best bartenders are good talkers. Make a joke or two preparations. Read the news daily before your shift, so you can continue to discuss sports, politics, and business.

Working in America, don’t worry so much about knowing really complex drinks. Anyway, about half of your orders will be for local beer. Beer-free orders will be something simple like a glass or a simple mixed drink like vodka and coke. If someone orders something really complicated, do your best to bring it as close as possible and serve it. The bar etiquette almost requires the customer to accept everything you pour as a version of what they ordered, and anyone who’s a troublemaker enough to request a Long-Island iced tea when you’re busy with a full bar generally deserves everything you put in their glass, and probably wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

Some environments to avoid:

A bartender can find work almost anywhere in the world that allows you to drink alcohol, so you might also be hard on where to work. You can work where you want, it’s your career and a matter of personal taste, but if I were you, I would avoid working in these places if I could help it:

Nightclubs, rave clubs, or any location that requires a bouncer and caters to a young crowd. Loud music, boisterous customers, frequent fights, stupid children trying to fake their identity on you. In addition, young adults are not yet civilized enough to know how to behave in a bar, can not contain their alcohol, and give nothing for nothing.

Bartending with Style

Large commercial chain “McBars”. I don’t want to name names, but any place that advertises on TV is about as far from a real bar as you can get and serve alcohol. Especially if they are solid ferns and oak inside and cater to the crowd of yuppies. These places tend to attract featherweight drinkers and have no personalities, plus you will have a management hierarchy stretched over your head every minute.

Game bars or sports bars. Generally, any place with slot machines built into the table or giant screen TVs that are always on and turned on is not worth much. There is too much distraction in the serious business of drinking and developing a warm relationship with the bartender, which will result in thoughtful advice. Wherever the goal is to encourage the customer to never make eye contact with you, it’s discouraging to work, as you might as well be a robot for everyone who cares There are at least people who are likely to stay for a while.

How to do all the tips:
Get a pocket mixology guide and keep it with you to avoid having to memorize every weird drink. But never let the customer see you check it – keep it in a drawer or cabinet, or act like you’re going to be in the backroom for a second.

The hand holding the glass

Many drinks are specific to the type of glass; at the very least get the right glass. Keep a towel for drying and another for polishing. A stemmed glass should be used for cocktails without ice so that the drink is not heated by the hand holding the glass.

How to cool a glass:
Put the glass in the refrigerator or fill it with crushed, crushed, or crushed ice before mixing. When the drink is ready, empty the ice from the glass.

How to frost a glass:

You will use a lot of ice; cut into cubes, cracked, crushed, or shaved. Always put ice in the blender before pouring the drink; this way liquids are refrigerated as they flow on the ice and there is no splash. To stir or shake, use crushed or cubed ice, and for special drinks, crushed or crushed ice.

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