Bangkok Experience During A 16 Hour Layover

Bangkok Experience During A 16 Hour Layover

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We are discussing here  With the high wing loading of the 727, we could not ask for a higher level because we were already close enough to the “corner of the coffin”.

Off the coast of Cambodia, one of the young flight attendants entered the cockpit visibly upset by the difficult driving we had. It was his first solo flight after completing his training. The seat belt panel was on and cabin service had been suspended. We smiled at him and politely asked him to get rid of the food trays, so that we don’t have metal projectiles in the form of knives and forks flying around the cockpit, then come back to sit on one observation chairs and keep us company. for the rest of the flight. We quickly managed to restore some of her self-confidence but added that theft in bad weather was sometimes part of the job she had chosen and that it was better to get used to it.

For the rest of the flight

I was going to give him the universal definition of theft; Instead, I gave him the definition of a pilot to divert his attention from lightning.

“The average pilot, despite the sometimes boastful exterior, is quite capable of feelings such as love, affection, intimacy, and kindness. These feelings do not involve anyone else.” She started laughing until tears ran down her cheeks. I quickly added that the definition did not apply to the three of us, who were overflowing with compassion, affection, and caring for others.

Bangkok Experience During A 16 Hour Layover

When approaching Rayong, we copied the ATIS (automatic terminal information service), informed of the approach, and requested authorization to descend. We were vectorized radar in a wide arc and we were number 9 in the landing sequence.  A trainee air traffic controller asked us to maintain 1,500 feet, which was inconsistent with the approach clearance we were flying. When we crossed the runway threshold, still at 1,500 feet, she authorized us to land. It takes a bit of a lot for any pilot of a large aircraft, despite the 13,000-foot runway.

 I would relax with a cocktail or two at the

I guess with the pressure of trying to handle so much inbound traffic, it just forgot about us. In all cases, this meant following the published missed approach procedure. It was 6:30 p.m. and planes were converging from many parts of the globe.

We finally landed after 11 other planes. It was not critical, just a bit annoying because we had a lot of fuel. She returned a few minutes later and stuffed 3 cold lagers into everyone’s flight case for the “fourth sector”. No objection here! The program included the flight of three sectors ending in Bangkok.

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